Property Management Leasing/Renting Services

Our goal is the same as yours… we want your property leased or rented as quickly as possible, for the highest amount possible to the right tenants and strive toward a long-term relationship with each tenant. We start with a thorough marketing strategy that attracts a good number of qualified tenants. Our experience and expertise allows us to screen prospective tenants for your properties that greatly reduce the risk of problems for your property. We act on your behalf, as if we owned the properties ourselves. 
 We Provide:
  • Collection of rents, common area expenses, taxes, utilities and insurance, where appropriate.
  • Full internet marketing on 100’s of websites and search engines.
  • Full interaction with tenants fielding concerns and/or complaints.
  • Renegotiation of existing leases where appropriate.
  • Rent increases if included in lease or if market conditions warrant.
  • Preparation of a new CAM budget.
  • Service of 3-day notice to quit & assist owner's legal representative, where appropriate.
  • Leases using CAR or AIR forms, where appropriate.
  • Payment of loans, utilities, service contracts, taxes &/or insurance, where appropriate.
  • Regular and spot inspection of property to insure proper maintenance, the elimination of potential hazards and observation of tenant activity.
  • Enforcement of building rules and regulations.
  • Prompt 24-hour response to problems.
  • Monitoring & receipt of contractual liability policies required from tenants.
  • Property management software generated monthly statements of cash flow, balance sheet, general ledger, lease abstract, check register detail, and deposit register summary provided.
  • Assist in the negotiation and/or bidding process with service vendors: landscapers, maintenance, sweepers, rubbish removal, insurance, security services and HVAC, where appropriate.
  • Bidding and negotiation with sub-contractors on tenant improvements and repairs. Fielding governmental inquiries concerning building operation.
  • Interaction with owner's tax preparer for preparation of income tax returns.
  • Upon disposition, our brokerage service will be offered to the owners.
  • Bilingual staff (Spanish and English)